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Welcome to the Communications

Workers of America Local 3403 Website


     CWA 3403 is proud to offer this web site as a source of current information for it's members.  Check the website for the latest updates and additions. This website has been designed to provide an additional information resource for CWA 3403 members, retirees and others who may be interested in our Local, District 3 and International Union.

      In viewing our site, you may not always share the same opinions as those of our organization. However, we do respect your right to disagree.

     The Communications Workers of America International Union was chartered in Baton Rouge in 1945. CWA currently represents more than 740,000 members, nationwide, employed in a number of industries, including Telecommunications, Law Enforcement, Public Workers, Network Broadcasting, Printing and Publishing, Newspaper Writers, Equipment Manufacturing and various other professions.

      Local 3403 currently represents hourly employees of AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular, ADT Corporation, and AVAYA. Our jurisdiction includes those employees in the following parishes; Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana.

    Local 3403 is a democratic Union administered by the officers and executive board. As with any other democratic organization the ultimate authority is the membership.

Walter J. Bagot, President







Aug 08, 2012

All matters addressed during 2012 negotiations have been finalized as of 7:30 p.m. on August 7, 2012. In addition to the highlights previously advertised we have reached agreement on the following issues.

Health Care

  • Changes the definition of short term disability from any occupation to your own occupation
  • Provided that the Company will continue to pay 100 percent of the cost of network preventive care, including items such as annual physicals and well-child care
  • For employees on the payroll prior to August 18, 2012, monthly contributions will be:
    • 2013 - $38 individual, $81 family
    • 2014 - $58 individual, $121 family
    • 2015 - $79 individual, $163 family
  • Annual deductibles for network providers will be $500 for individuals, $1,000 for families in all contract years.
  • Coinsurance will be 10 percent for network providers
  • Protect employees from catastrophic loss through reasonable out-of-pocket limits, even in cases requiring major surgeries or extended hospital stays. What this means is that AT&T pays every dime of your eligible network medical costs beyond the annual out-of-pocket limits
    • Out-of-pocket maximums for network providers will be:
      • 2013 - $1,500 individual, $3,000 family
      • 2014 - $1,700 individual, $3,400 family
      • 2015 - $2,000 individual, $4,000 family

Dental and Vision Plans

Improves dental and vision plans by eliminating dental fee schedules and covering a second pair of glasses every 24 months.

  • Premiums for vision $2.50 for an individual, $5.00 for individual plus one, $7.00 for family plan (monthly contributions)
  • Premiums for dental $3.00 for an individual, $9.00 for individual plus one, $16.00 for family plan (monthly contributions)

Prescription Drug Co-pays in the first two years

Allows for employees to continue paying the same copays for prescription drugs in the first two years of the agreement with a slight increase in the last year.

  • Retail (up to 30-day supply)
    • 2013 & 2014 - $10 generic, $20 formulary, $40 non-formulary
    • 2015 - $10 generic , $30 formulary, $60 non-formulary
  • Mail Order (up to 90-day supply)
    • 2013 & 2014 - $20 generic, $40 formulary, $80 non-formulary
    • 2015 - $20 generic, $60 formulary, $120 non-formulary
  • Out-of-pocket maximums for prescription drugs will stay the same at $900 for individuals and $1,800 for families in all three years of the agreement ( no change to current plan)

The new health care plans go into effect on April 1, 2013 (1)

Other Items

  • A letter recapturing full retiree benefits for those retirees who were rehired as 2009 new hires
  • Renewed JOG to include post December 29, 2006 hires for a one year JOG offer
  • Renewed Partnership at the same funding levels and retained the full time Union Partnership representative.
  • Renewed the National Transfer Plan and included AT&T Mobility
  • Renewed the card check agreement
  • Renewed the Presidential council with some modifications

Your bargaining team would like to thank you for your support. We were all aware this would be the most difficult bargaining session but it is our belief we achieved a fair and equitable contact and based on todays economic climate our members will be better off at the expiration of this contract.

More information to come later today.




Aug 08, 2012

Highlights of other issued agreed upon in the new Tentative Agreement

• Renewed the Letter of Agreement affording demoted pension eligible employees a 5 year look Back for SIPP payment amount

• Renewed the Letter making non-paid Union hours count toward FMLA eligibility

• Renewed the Memorandum of Understanding to have the Company maintain Union dues deduction

• Renewed the Memorandum of Agreement to maintain payroll deduction for CWA-COPE. Eliminated Language allowing the Company to collect a fee for that service

• Renewed the Letter of Understanding to pay employees who return to work from an approved STD to modified duty if no modified duty assignment is available

• Removed Article 25.07 BST and BBI and Article 17G of UO contract which allowed the Company to charge CWA a fee for maintaining dues deduction

• Made necessary change in Article 1.27 to capture seniority bridge for those transferring from other regions under NTP

• Changed BCB2 Pension benefit plan to allow all Bellsouth service to be bridged in 3 years

• Tuition aid, Books and fees will be reimbursed upon successful completion of approved courses

• Renewed CVS 90 day prescription plan

• Renewed MOA allowing a Sales Associate 9 months prior to a Performance Termination

• Renewed MOA to allow a flexible Vacation in Repair Centers

• Renewed the MOA on Safe Load Limits

• Renewed the MOA on JLA

• Renewed the SSP including Wire Techs

• Renewed MOA Aligning for Success

• Renewed MOA to retain the CWA Appointee for process improvement

• Letter of Understanding to utilize bargaining unit employees to perform customer premise work currently performed by contractors when qualified employees are available

• Renewed letter on closed Key Time with a commitment from management to retrain supervisors on the original intent of closed Key Time

• Letter of Understanding committing to offer ST’s in the Partnership Job Bank to return to work as a Wire Tech with Economic Protection

• Consumer & Small Business may schedule one additional EWD to be used flexibly

• Only managers who previously held a craft position will be eligible to claim a job in the bargaining unit based on selection criteria

• Renewed easy time

• Removed essentially the same type of work criteria from the 35 miles Bump

• Allows paid time for a Union Representative to be present during an Asset Protection interview

• Penalty paid hours will be counted toward 49 hours

• A Letter of Understanding giving consideration to all requesting MLK Jr. day off as one of their paid days

• Allow two vacation days to be used in one hour or more increments in Consumer Services

• Remove the restriction of another state when Temporary Transfers mandates the offer of a 6th day

• Increase the Split tour differentials by $1 per day and multilingual by $.50 per session ($1 per day)

• All training opportunities formal or OJT will be offered by seniority

• Increase allowed UA Time to 150 days plus 30 day extension for Local Presidents. All others exceeding 120 days will be placed on leave.

• Added spouses grandparents to immediate family for Bereavement time

• Eliminate Term employees and increases Temps to 24 months (Terms on payroll will be allowed to complete term of employment)

• Eliminate CPE paycheck delivery to the work location and emphasize paycheck stub delivery upon request

• Allows MSCs to opt out of Uniform program

• Allows Service Consultants and SCs in CPE to opt out of PVR program

• Vacation payout for those who resign or are Terminated for Performance will be based on an accrual schedule

• Random number program will be used for all issues involving surplus and selection

• Provides for an up front SIPP offer to alleviate surplus

• Renewed over and underpayment letter adding a process of recovering sales incentive overpayments

• OPT’s

o Guaranteed no layoff for one year

o Expanded bump rights to lower titles in their organizational unit with 36 months pay protection regardless of Seniority or surplus classification

o Allowed to bump a Wire Tech if placement does not exceed 12 % of the employees in the exchange and an exchange within 35 miles that have economic protections, guarantees, pay and other economic protection of the core contract

• Retained full time CWA Claims Facilitator & full time Managed Care Specialist

• Payment for scheduled days missed due to illness and injury before STD has been changed. The waiting days have been lowered and the number of paid days has been modified:

Those prior to 3 years have 2 unpaid waiting days with 5 paid.

Those with 3 to 5 years have 5 days all paid

Those with 6 to 10 years have 7 days all paid

Those with 11 to 24 years have 10 days all paid

Those with over 25 years have no maximum paid

Additional days may be added once during the contract. Members who have exhausted their maximum number of paid days or will exhaust them leading to an approved disability will be paid for the otherwise unpaid days.





Aug 07, 2012

The AT&T Southeast Bargaining Team continues to work diligently at the table to finalize a tentative agreement. As they continue to put the package together some of the known highlights are as follows:


  • Years 1 – 2.25% GWI
  • Years 2 – 2.75% GWI
  • Years 3 – 3% GWI

Health Care:

  • Increased Premiums, deductibles and out of pocket
  • Change in definition of short term disability
  • 100% preventive care
  • Improved dental, vision plans
  • Protection from catastrophic loss
  • No changes to Prescription Drug Co-pays in the first two years

Cumulative Financial Effect

  • Positive Financial Impact

New Job Title

  • Premises Technicians moving to the Wire Technician title will receive retirement benefits
  • Improved work rules

Success Sharing Plan

  • Accelerated payout of $1,323


  • Change of eligibility and number of paid days

Service Technicians

  • Effective September 2, 2012 Service Technicians will be upgraded with additional job duties to Wage Scale 32
  • There will be no involuntary layoffs in the first year of the agreement

Wire Technicians

  • Wage step increases every six months
  • One-time special payment of $1,323

National Transfer Plan

  • Opportunity to Transfer into Mobility


  • No involuntary layoffs in the first year of the agreement
  • Expanded Bumping Rights
  • Increase pay protection


  • Two vacation days to be used flexibly
  • One additional FEWD

* Economic provisions will apply for BBI




Aug 07, 2012

As with the other contracts, the Utility Operations contract involved difficult bargaining. In light of the company’s position on economic issues, the bargaining team believes we achieved the best contract possible. This is a tentative agreement until ratified by majority vote of members voting in a secret ballot election. The Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification of this agreement.

Meanwhile, here are some of the highlights on the key issues of the new tentative agreement.

Wages: 2.25% Effective 9/02/2012, 2.75% Effective 9/01/2013, 3.0% Effective: 8/31/2014

Article 1: Definitions

Updated language reflecting current company entities

Article 4: Vacations

Adds language for vacation accrual the same as BST agreement. Only applies for termination or resignation.

Article 6D: Recall from Layoff

Employees recalled from layoff will have their service bridged based on the same language as the BST contract.

Article 8C: Promotion and Transfer Plan

AT&T Mobility added to the National Transfer Plan

Article 9: Employment Security Partnership

Retained Partnership Language

Changed Tuition aid will be reimbursed after successful completion of the course.

Article 13: Union Representation

Provides for pay for union representative during investigative interview by Asset Protection

Article 17: Payroll Dues Deduction

Eliminate the company’s right to charge for collecting Union dues.

Article 21: Duration of Agreement

3 year contract effective August 5, 2012


Increase boot allowance to $85.00

Other Agreements:

Renewed the following MOAs

  • Inclement Weather Work Policy
  • Short Term Disability letter (added an additional 15 days unpaid excused time)
  • Excused Time for Union Activity
  • Promotional Wage Treatment


While the company did not accept our proposal to add new work, they did agree to look at the feasibility to eliminate contracting out work such as ROT, pit digging, and locating that can be done by bargaining unit employees.

Healthcare and benefits were negotiated at the Common Interest Table. The details are listed in the AT&T Southeast Final Bargaining report. Effective April 1, 2013 Utility Operations will be covered under thehealthcare plans terms listed including Dental and Vision for active employees as well as retirees.



CWA D# Bargaining Report -

August 06, 2012


District 3 has a handshake on Tentative Agreements with the Company on all three 2012 Agreements. Issues have been worked out in sub-committees but still need to be finalized on the record at the Bargaining Table. When that happens, we will send out more details as soon as they are available and contract explanation meetings will be held with the Local Presidents. Of course any Tentative Agreement still needs to be ratified by the membership.

We are convinced that our members will be better off at the end of this agreement than they are today and that we made real progress in many areas of the agreement.

Look for more details over the next few days.

Vice President, Judith R. Dennis would like to thank her Chairs and her team. They worked very diligently to get a great contract for all our members.

In Unity,

Vice President & your Bargaining Team







Please attend the meeting here at 2081 Beaumont Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 on July 10, 2012 at 7pm.....


STRIKE VOTES will be taken starting immediately at the conclusion of the monthly meeting until 10pm or all members present at the meeting have voted.

Voting will resume on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 8:30am-8:30pm here at 2081 Beaumont Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.







Bargaining Begins

June 18, 2012

This is the day bargaining begins with AT&T -- for AT&T Southeast/Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc. We haven’t seen the company’s proposals yet and they haven’t seen ours but we know some things for sure:

- They want to improve their bottom line by taking as     much from us as they can and we need to protect and improve the Contract for our members.

- They will be looking for us to pay more for Health Care and we will be looking to protect our benefits.

- They will be trying to eat away at our working conditions – going after things like flex days, paid absences, Article 14, and our monitoring language. We will be looking to improve the working lives of our members.

- They are not interested in preserving good jobs and that is our MAIN concern.

Let’s show AT&T that this year will be different for us too. Let’s show them that EVERY member is willing to do whatever it takes to win a fair Contract; EVERY member will show their support of our bargaining team.

Take action on June 18th.

Wear RED on June 18th and each Thursday during Bargaining.

Inside Groups stand up at 11:00am on each day to show solidarity.


For bargaining information go to                            




Legacy T contract expired in April 2012, two months later there is still no agreement...here is the latest:


AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report 56


June 13, 2012

The Company and Union Legacy T teams met all day today. Some progress was made. The Company withdrew most of the "policy changes" it had presented prior to bargaining: the mandatory branded apparel, the associated appearance guideline, its change in "conditional pay for disability". We agreed to reinstate pay to the minute once the Company's systems are updated. We also made some gains on one wage zone and expanding the city allowance for one area.

Several other "clean-up items" were "TAed" but, as we have said over and over again, the big issues of Health Care, pensions, wages, and our job security language are still far from settled. Off-the-record discussions are also taking place about Retiree Health Care.

We will be meeting again tomorrow morning.

See updated info at www.cwa-union.org






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